30 people were forgotten by Wizz Air in Vienna, and families were torn apart

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Wizz Air has forgotten thirty people at the Vienna airport, writes My Traveler, and what happened there is confirmed by a readership letter to Index. The flight departed from Vienna to Tenerife on Saturday, June 8 at 15:20. Passengers arrived at the airport in vain for more than two hours before the departure of the flight, and it was so long that many of them could only wait outside the terminal door.

According to one of the writers, after only one hour of waiting, it was only approx. they were in the middle of the line. The line was moving slowly because there were only two baggage points running for a while, and after a while it was just at one desk.

another young man who started the process again. He then shouted into the crowd that he would be able to give up the packages to Malaga, Kiev and Tenerife.

At that time, the three flight passengers tried to get into the two rows where he was a clerk, if he could give up the packets. However, the workflow lasted only a few minutes, as the packing conveyor belt quickly collapsed. At that time, the reader wrote to the reader, announcing with a volume that they could no longer give up a suitcase, and rather go to the gates with the big bags so that it could be heard by the first two passengers in the queue. Until the start of the Tenerife machine, it was only approx. It was 30 minutes.

One of the passengers, along with their parcels to be sent, rushed to the security check, where the members of the security service dealt with the problem with incredible speed. The 20-pound suitcase, stretched over the ribbon, was immediately opened and the liquid-containing products were removed from it and encouraged the passengers to run to see if they could reach the plane. Failed. They reached 15:20 at the boarding gate where they were no longer allowed to board the plane.

According to the letter writer, 30 people left the Tenerife machine, 16 on the flight to Malaga, and one man on the Kiev plane could not take off. One passenger wrote to Index:

Another family was specifically torn apart. The mother could take off with the children, but the father was late. One half of the family on the plane, on the way to Tenerife, with a car key in the bag, and his father at the Vienna airport with the car. A family with small children was able to give up their luggage, they were not allowed to take off. So we can be lucky enough to stay together and not give up our luggage.

Passengers who remained on the hop constantly called Wizz Airt, but they couldn’t reach them for 2 hours. When they finally picked up the phone, at the other end of the line they said: they didn’t know what was happening, they were very sorry, but they couldn’t provide a new flight. Next time they were promised a flight, but they would have to buy a ticket at their own cost. People then had to travel home at their own expense.

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