“30 percent chance of falling behind Brexit”

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According to the head of the European Council, there may be a 30 percent chance that Britain will not leave the European Union.

Donald Tusk interviewed Gazeta Wyborcza, a Polish newspaper, published by The Guardian, a left-wing British newspaper, on Friday, in a partnership between the two newspapers.

The chairman of the board of EU heads of state and government explains in the interview: the British referendum on EU membership in 2016, in which the voters in the retreat were narrow, to 51.89 percent – a “misunderstood political calculation” and the actual consequences of Brexit. the debate started not in the referendum campaign but only after the vote.

According to Tusk, if the referendum was held now, the result would probably be different. He added that in Britain, Brexit had created an EU-party movement in a controversial manner.

The President of the European Council stated that it is becoming clearer from month to month that Britain’s departure from the European Union will look completely different from Brexit, which was promoted by the advocates of the exit.

Donald Tusk recalled that they did not hold a referendum on British EU membership for the first time in 2016, as the first was held in 1975, two years after Britain joined the then European Economic Community, and in that referendum the majority of British voted for retention .

“However, if the 2016 referendum could change the outcome of the 1975 referendum, why not change it again? Nothing is irreversible as long as people do not believe it is”, said the former Polish prime minister in a Friday interview.

Tusk stated that he now has 20-30 percent of the chances that Britain will not leave the European Union and “it is not a small one”.

The British EU membership would have been abolished on 29 March on the basis of the original timetable, but the Brexit agreement with the European Union in November was rejected three times by the London House of Commons, and so Prime Minister Theresa May initiated the postponement twice for the EU.

On the basis of the decision of the extraordinary EU summit on 10 April, the current delay may be up to 31 October.

Donald Tusk stated in an interview on Friday that he hears almost every day that if Britain is unable to reach an agreement, it should be “separated” from the EU.

However, according to the President of the European Council, it is primarily his job to ensure that the European Union is patient, despite the fact that many people feel these negative emotions on the continent.

I tell my colleagues to wait for a while. We’ve managed to get some time now, the deadline expires in October, but if necessary, I’ll take them to (or not) close the calendar. Churchill used to say that if a problem could be solved, he could partly solve it

Donald Tusk said in an interview with The Guardian on Friday.

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