Most Berliners do not support 16-year-olds voting

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The overwhelming majority of the German capital does not support the 16-year-old vote in the election of the Berlin council, according to Civey’s poll, which was outlined in a German tab on Der Tagesspiegel on Thursday.

Representative research found that more than half of the Berliners, 54.9 percent would never allow the electoral age to be reduced, and a further 12.7 percent would rather not support this move.
The survey shows that the older and more conservative, the less confident young people are able to contribute to political decisions. In the 18-24 age group, there are still a narrow, 50.1 percent majority who would support this move, as would the majority of Greens sympathizers. But the supporters of the Christian Democratic Party and the party to their right, Alternativa Germany, are more than 90 per cent more than rejected.
Currently, members of the district councils of Berlin can be elected from the age of 16, and in 11 of the German provinces, this age group can vote in some form in municipal elections. In Hamburg, Bremen, Brandenburg and Schleswig-Holstein, 16-year-olds can also vote in political decision-making in the provincial parliamentary elections.

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