In the midst of the Brexit chaos, the British super-rich decided to keep records

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In the midst of political chaos accompanied by the disappearance of the British EU membership (Brexit), the wealthiest of the British rich has decided to record assets over the past year.

The Sunday Times, a conservative Sunday UK magazine, has compiled a list – Rich List – of the estimated wealth of one of the thousand richest magnets in Britain since spring each year.
According to a summary published on Sunday 31st, the total assets of the British top supergroups increased by £ 47.78 billion to £ 771.13 billion (nearly 290,000 billion forints) in a year, from £ 658 billion a year earlier, which was also a record.
According to Rich List 2019, the number of British pound billions, which is 151, is more than a year ago, was more than a year ago.
However, Britain ranks third in the world, with 463 pounds in the United States and $ 294 billion in China.
However, the billionaire’s world capital remains London, where according to editors of The Sunday Times’ property list, it lives 95 billion pounds, more than any other city in the world.
London is facing a major drawback in second place in San Francisco, with 73 billion pounds. The third place in New York was $ 71 billion.
Moscow is also a prominent place on the billionaire list of world cities. According to calculations by Rich List 2019 editors in the Russian capital, there are 55 magnets with at least one billion pounds worth of wealth.
Moscow also prevents Los Angeles (45), Beijing (44) and Paris (40).
Over the past three decades, the explosive British wealth growth has been shown to be worth £ 30 million on the first list of assets that came out in 1989, and still has 200 names, but at least 120 million pounds to be listed in this year’s Rich List. needed.
Last year’s Rich List members required at least 115 million important assets for their names to appear in the compilation.
This year’s billionaire rankings are led by Hindu brothers with £ 22 billion.
The most expensive London street of the real estate market, the Sri and Gopi Hinduja multinational business network of four contiguous castles of Carlton House Terrace, extends from the oil and automotive industry to financial services to the real estate and media markets.
According to The Sunday Times, the family’s wealth grew by nearly one and a half billion pounds in one year.
The runner-up owner of Ineos’s global chemical company group, JI Ratcliffe, the runner-up of last year’s Rich List, has been back in third place this year. According to the calculators of the ranking, its assets dropped from 21.05 billion pounds a year ago to 18.15 billion pounds due to the loss of value of the company’s shares.
The list of literary wealth is led by Joanne K. Rowling, the author of the unprecedented Harry Potter novel series in Scotland, whose rich list 2019 editors attribute £ 750 million worth of £ 50 million more than last year.
J.K. At the beginning of the 1990s, Rowling made up to 70 important Council grants per week, unemployed in a social housing in Edinburgh, but today is by far the richest novelist in the world.
But for the first time in the music list, Sir Paul McCartney is no longer led by his musical property list: his old rival, Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber, the so-called eternal second world-famous musical winner has made a significant advance this time.
According to the new compilation, Lord Lloyd-Webber’s assets are currently £ 820 million after £ 740 million last year.
McCartney, the former songwriter and bassist of Beatles, knew about $ 820 million last year on his bank account, but this year’s Rich List editors estimate that his wealth has fallen by £ 70 million since then to £ 750 million.
This year, 77-year-old McCartney’s fortune was compiled by his wife Nancy Shevell, the enormous co-owner of a massive US shipping dynasty in his own right.
Compared to the Rich List, the British ruler seems almost poor. The 93-year-old II. Queen Elizabeth on this year’s list is £ 370 million, the same as last year. However, the prevailing 12 seats slipped back in one year, with last year’s 344th wealth, and this year it was only 356th in the thousands of Rich Lists.

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