A new type of dementia has been identified

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American researchers have identified a new type of dementia, its symptoms being similar to Alzheimer’s.

Millions of elderly patients could have been diagnosed mistakenly earlier, even one-third of them could suffer from another form of dementia, the BBC news portal said.
The newly identified disease (LATE, limbic-predominant age-related TDP-43 encephalopathy) is most common in people over 80 years of age. In this age group, one in five people suffers from the disease, according to scientists who have discovered the new disease by analyzing thousands of dead patterns.
Occasionally, it is only after death that signs of dementia can be observed in the brain, there is no test that would show.
LATE is characterized by brain accumulation of proteins called TDP-43, deposits of two other proteins, amyloid and tau, on Alzheimer’s disease.
Scientists have been looking for a cure for a long time, because of the many causes and types of illness so far, there is no effective treatment for dementia.
A better understanding of the new disease can lead to the development of new therapies, according to researchers.
Pete Nelson, the leading author of the study at the University of Kentucky, said that the disease they called LATE had always been present.
“Alzheimer’s is something that everyone knows is causing dementia, but other illnesses may be the cause of the symptoms. What we called LATE is one of the most common causes. There is a lot to do, therapies need to be developed for our work may be the starting point, “he explained.
He added that many of the people who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s had undoubtedly been suffering from a newly discovered disease.
According to Robert Howard, University College London scientist, “this is probably the most important study in dementia in the last five years”.

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