The White Lightning shook America

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Matthew Boling is not only the fastest high school student who ran 100 meters in 10 seconds, but still white, which makes it extremely extraordinary among African-American sprinters. What can an 18-year-old be able to do in an almost all field of athletics?
Many times and in many places they have found the next Usain Shop of athletics, they were struck by several teenagers that they could be even faster than one hundred at the world record for jamaica, but so far no hopes have been exchanged. Matthew Boling, who is called White Lightning alone, can get this fate, but he hasn’t talked about the high school athlete yet in America as much.

The graduate, 18-year-old athlete did not look out of nowhere, has been delivering great age-old results for years, but this year he exploded into the public consciousness and is already seeing the savior of American athletics.

Boling is a fairly complex athlete, formerly a 400-meter and far-off high school championship, but then turned to shorter distances, running 100 and 200 great times. One American magazine wrote, after reaching 10.25, that Boling 2.0 is here. It was pretty right.

In April, Texas Relays won 8.01 meters off, and then improved to 10.20, and won the 4 × 100 shift with the Houston Strake Jesuit team. Boling as the last member of the fifth-sixth position, he was the first to bring the bill.

And the real sensation that came into being not only in the American mainstream media, but also in the world, became known. At the end of April, he ran the hundred meters within 10 seconds, under 9.98. True, at a much higher wind speed than allowed, but still
Of course, after 9.98, everyone began to count on the lack of professionalism that Boling would have achieved at the Olympics or the American national team. For the time being, they are not yet in the reality category, but a former great sprinter, the second Olympic Ato Boldon, wrote that runners are often placed under 10 seconds to pass the threshold at first with too much wind. He thinks Boling could be a normal hundred, so he’ll have the chance to be among the listed sprinters.

Boling proved two weeks later, he had this potential in the Texas National Championship for 10.13, which is the fourth best American high school student of all time under legal conditions. He won the jump jump with two attempts, skipping the rest of the jumps to concentrate on sprint numbers. The 4×100 relay was excluded from the team, but the 4×400 relay still came out of a hopeless situation. He was the finisher, he took the stick with a disadvantage of about 25 meters, but he was inconceivable, ate his opponent’s advantage, and was at the forefront of the last 40 meters. Approximately 25,000 people in the midst of rage.

After such a performance, he was again at the center of the media, attacked by journalists, and also featured in the ESPN sports channel High Noon and was able to displace the NBA from radio shows. Boling, who has 16,000 followers on Twitter, has risen to rock star status, and has paid much attention to athletics.

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