According to Fox television survey, Joe Biden’s support is greater than Donald Trump

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According to Fox television survey, Joe Biden’s support is greater than Donald Trump’s Republican party president.

According to a poll polled by Republican television on Sunday, Joe Biden, a pro-Democrat candidate candidate, leads 10 percent of Donald Trump. “The Democrats want a solid leader,” Fox concluded.
The survey was conducted jointly by television with Beacon Research and the Republican Shaw & Company poll companies.
The former vice president is by far the most popular candidate candidate for the Democratic Party camp. According to Fox’s analysis, this reflects the mood of voters in the Democratic Party, who would like to see a politician at the head of the country, uniting American society, with firmly-held leadership and high moral standards.
In the Fox survey, Joe Biden’s support was 49 percent, while Donald Trump would be welcomed by 39 percent of the respondents. A 49 percent increase in Bernie Sanders’ vermont senator’s support, Elizabeth Warren’s Massachusetts Senator, was favored by 43 percent of respondents, and 42 percent by Kamala Harris, Senator California.
“Trump’s current position is far from being a good one, but it is definitely in competition. The Republican camp stands beside it and has a wide range of opportunities to outline the country’s decisions to make progress while the Democrats are fighting for voters and media attention. will be busy, “quoted Fox Daron Shaw, a Republican researcher.
The poll did not only cover the support of politicians, but also questions of American society.
It turned out that the issue of abortion in both the Democratic and Republican camps will be a very important election topic. 64 percent of respondents believe that the Federal Supreme Court, which acts as a constitutional court in the United States, should abandon the so-called Roe / Wade decision on the possibility of abortion.
NBC television reported on Sunday that Trump’s campaign team broke off with some Republican polls after leaking, according to an internal survey, that Joe Biden is currently leading Donald Trump in 11 key Member States.
According to a survey also sent to NBC, Trump does not perform well in some of the countries that mostly vote for Republicans. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. In Florida and Michigan, where in 2016 Trump had a small majority but Hillary Clinton was victorious, there is now a two-digit advantage for Joe Biden. The former vice president has significant advantages among others in Virginia, Minnesota and Maine. In Virginia, for example, the Democratic Party politician is leading 55:38 in the state of Maine and 53:38 in Maine.

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