Google kills your traveler app

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Google Trips will be abandoned by the development of its trip organizer app on August 5, Google writes Android Central.

Google Trips, released in the fall of 2016, basically has two things: on the one hand, collects travel information (booked ticket, accommodation), and on the other hand, it contains important information about the destination and offers programs, places of interest, restaurants. These can be saved and placed on the map, so you can, for example, compile a complete sightseeing day plan for those who like to pre-compose it so that nothing is left out. The entire city package can be saved on the phone to operate without a net.

However, in recent years, Google has focused on developing its online travel services rather than the app, and it has been for some time now that Google Trips may soon be retiring. This is now official: Until the beginning of August, the app can be used smoothly, but then the company will not develop further.

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