The main Turkish opposition party called for a complete annulment of the outcome of the municipal election in Istanbul

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The main Turkish opposition assembly, the People’s Party of the Republic of China (CHP), on Wednesday requested that the results of the 31 March municipal elections in Istanbul be completely annulled, ie not only the Mayor’s personal decision, which the Supreme Election Council (YSK) had already decided on for the week. but also about the composition of the 39 district mayors and the city council.

Habertürk’s remarkable Turkish news portal reports that CHP’s reasoning pointed out that the YSK had taken the decision to refer to irregularities in the composition of counting committees. YSK complained that a number of committees had chairmen and members who were not public servants.
CHP Vice President Muharrem Erkek told reporters on Wednesday in front of the YSK Ankara building that the law on counting committees came into force on March 31, 2018, following the adoption of Parliament. Since then, two elections have been held, the presidential and parliamentary elections of 24 June last year and the local elections of 31 March this year.
“So if they say that there were irregularities organized in the municipal elections, then it was in the 2018 presidential and parliamentary elections,” Erkek stressed. He added, therefore, that Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkish re-election last year raised doubts even after the task of counting commissions had not been public servants.
The CHP Vice-President pointed out that the role of the staff in the committees in question is not clearly a factor in the outcome, and that the appointment of committee chairmen and members is entirely under the supervision of the YSK.
Erkek indicated that their claim for invalidating this year’s and last year’s election results was justified by total illegality, which does not expire.
Shortly afterwards, the Nationalist Good Party (IP), which started with the CHP electoral alliance, also appealed to the YSK on the same grounds for a total annulment of the results of the municipal election in Istanbul.
In the most popular Turkish city of Istanbul, according to an unofficial final result until Monday’s withdrawal, the CHP candidate Ekrem Imamoglu won the Mayor’s seat after 15 years of government leadership. Although Imamoglu took over his credentials, the ruling party of the Islamist Conservative Truth and Development (AKP), in appealing to “organized irregularities” in the election, appealed to the JSK for invalidation and repetition of the election.
YSK decided on Monday to repeat the mayor’s election.
Erdogan called YSK’s decision on Tuesday the most decisive step and said that the move would strengthen democracy and “disperse the shadow that had shifted to the Istanbul election.”
Imamoglut was deprived of his mayor’s credentials on Tuesday. The Ministry of the Interior temporarily transferred the position to Deputy Governor of Istanbul, Ali Yerlikaya.
The repetition of the vote was scheduled for 23 June. The CHP leadership decided on Tuesday not to boycott the ballot but to take part in it and launch Imamoglut again for the mayor’s seat.
Erdogan later also announced that his party, the governing AKP, would once again be nominated by the former prime minister, Binali Yildirim.
The cancellation of the results of the Istanbul municipal elections on 31 March in Turkey was also strongly criticized by Austria and Germany.

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