Lush cork packaging can revolutionize the environmentally friendly cosmetics industry

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Cosmetics company Lush has announced the development of its new carbon-positive packaging by switching to self-made cork jars.

The carbon-positive marker is used for products that are not enough to decompose but also have a positive impact on the environment, and that they capture carbon dioxide. In this case, this is done by harvesting the company’s own cork plantations every ten years, so that the harvested trees remain intact, producing oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide and further improving the purity of the air. Lush estimates that an average of about one kilo of carbon dioxide is absorbed in a cork crucible, while producing one kilo of aluminum, for example, releases 9 kilos of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The company has ordered half a million cork packages, so far from suppliers who guarantee that they will not get the raw material by harvesting it, but by harvesting it. To make shipping as environmentally friendly as possible, the company sent the first 6,000 packages to the test plant by sailboat in England.

A spokesman for the company said this could be the answer to the big problem for cosmetic companies, which is disposable plastic packaging. Their current experiment seeks to answer the questions of how well this can work in the business and what logistical pitfalls it may have.

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