Men in Black – Dark cops around the world lead the North American blockbuster list

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Missing expectations of the legendary Dark Cops films for a new part of the reception by the viewers, The US in action action comedy for dark cops around the world for $ 28.5 million in the North American movie theaters weekend.

This is roughly half of what the previous parts of the series had to offer at the weekend, according to the Variety film website.
The new film, starring Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, was not expected to launch ticket sales at the same height as previous cinemas with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, but analysts estimate it will be over $ 30 million in North America.
Its creators are now hoping that Sony will co-finance a $ 110 million film on international markets.
Men in Black is not the only movie to be missed at the weekend, with a movie by Warner Bros. and New Line, starring Samuel L. Jackson starring $ 8.3 million in cinemas. This is less than half of what the professional portals watching ticket sales lists expected.
The third place in the cashier list was Late Night comedy, starring Amazon’s Kaling and Emma Thompson, with a $ 5.1 million ticket sale.

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