Microsoft tricks the latest Windows into a new trick: it takes away our games

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Old programs are always risky to use because they are less likely to receive security updates and are therefore more vulnerable and easily become hackers. This is especially true for operating systems, which Microsoft has developed for Windows, so it is also trying to make users leave the old Windows XP, and even more to Windows 10.

However, it is often not easy to convince users that it would be better for them to replace a well-known and familiar version of something unknown. However, Microsoft’s latest move can be an effective tool for rewarding, because instead of obscure security updates, it takes people out of what they really feel is their lack: net games.

The company has announced that it will discontinue support for Internet games built into Windows 7 and earlier versions, writes Engadget. The games concerned are: Backgammon, Checkers, Black Cats (Hearts), Spades, Reversi, and MSN Go. Of course, this is not very difficult to replace with browser versions available online, but the step is still indicative.

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