Netflix has confirmed the creators of the Battle of the Thrones for $ 200 million

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Alongside HBO, Amazon’s Apple, Disney, Comcast and DB Weiss – David Benioff have also confirmed the success of HBO’s Throne of Thrones series alongside streaming services Ryan Murphy (Pose, American horror story) and Shonda Rhimes (Grace Clinic). maybe even TV2 would have liked them. By the end of the series, only Netflix, Amazon and Disney were left, but most of the horses and the best conditions were offered to them by Netflix.

In a press release, the Benioffs thanked HBO for the past ten years and praised Netflix’s management for their TV-like attitude, noting that they liked the same movies, books and series from the eighties, and what an honor it would be for Netx .

Before this adventure begins, there is plenty to do: three Star Wars movies have previously been signed to Disney and must be dealt with as they have a contract for a prison escape movie and they write Kurt Cobain-fim for Universal.

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