The Russian Foreign Ministry warned of the danger of an accidental outbreak of nuclear war

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The state of military stability is deteriorating and there is a risk of a nuclear war accidental outbreak, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned at a press conference in Moscow on Thursday.

“There is a risk of an outbreak of a nuclear war. Negative dynamics have been particularly noticeable over the past year,” said a senior diplomat.
According to Ryabkov, the outbreak of war threatens to occur even if “the parties do not intend to launch a nuclear war.” The deputy chief of staff blamed the West for the situation.
“The steps taken by our colleagues in the West are becoming more emotional, and sometimes very aggressive. They are refusing to discuss the issues they are maturing, blocking the channels of dialogue, and further shaking the structure of arms control,” he said.
Russia, he said, does not rule out that the United States was heading toward lowering its nuclear threshold.
Ryabkov expressed Russia’s willingness to resume a full dialogue with the United States on military stability, which, however, should take into account British and French nuclear potential. He said the issue would be the subject of a Russian-American hearing next autumn.
The Russian Deputy Secretary of State has called for the extension of the Russian-American START agreement on restricting military offensive weapons. He stressed, among other things, that nuclear powers should confirm that nuclear war is unacceptable.

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