A 16-year-old pass from Rennes has a magic pass to PSG

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The French champion Paris Saint-Germain suffered a 2-1 defeat to Rennes in Sunday night’s second round match.

The Paris team – of course, of course – cut the match without Neymar. Until the end of the first half, even without the Brazilian star football player, it seemed as though PSG would not have a chance to win, with the Cavani team taking the lead after a good half-hour.

However, Niang equalized before the break, and the second half began as badly for the guests as the first ended. Notably, another goal scored by Rennes reversed the game.

The shot was scored by Romain Del Castillo, but the great performance was the preventive pass that Euardo Camavinga put on the striker’s head from near the sideline. A 16-year-old (!) Angolan-born midfielder has hit a fumble with a fantastic pace and curve, which he really had nothing more than a nod to get the ball into the goal.

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