Ryanair is the worst service in the world

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Ryanair and EasyJet are among the worst airlines on the rankings set by AirHelp according to various criteria. In terms of the quality of services, Ryanair was the last one. After the passengers have not been transported several times – there was such a case in Budapest – we are not surprised.

The company established to enforce the rights of air passengers has investigated 72 airlines in three areas: the accuracy of the flights, the quality of the service and the handling of claims for damages. From these three categories, he then set the overall rankings, classifying the players from 1 to 10 points.
In summary, Qatar Airways became the first and Thomas Cook Airlines was the last. EasyJet is second, Ryanair is the fifth worst.

The best airlines

1. Qatar Airways
2. American Airlines
3. Aeromexico
4. SAS Scandinavian Airlines
5. Qantas
6. LATAM Airlines
7. WestJet
8. Luxair
9. Austrian Airlines
10. Emirates

The worst airlines

63. Adria Airways
64. Aerolineas in Argentina
65. Transavia
66. Table football
67. Norwegian
68. Ryanair
69. Korean Air
70. Kuwait Airways
71. EasyJet
72. Thomas Cook Airlines

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