Samsung and Xiaomi gained in the European smartphone market in the second quarter

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South Korea’s Samsung and China’s Xiaomi were at the expense of other manufacturers in Q2, according to a survey by market research firm Canalys, in the almost unchanged European smartphone market.

Only Samsung and Xiaomi increased sales in the second quarter and sales of all other manufacturers declined in the European market. Samsung’s absolute sales figures and Xiaomi’s spotlight on its growth dynamics.
Samsung has gained the largest 40.6 percent market share in Europe in five years, and Xiaomi has seen a huge 48 percent increase in sales. The European smartphone market sold a total of 45.1 million handsets in the second quarter, almost the same amount as a year ago, 45.2 million.
Samsung sold 18.3 million smartphones in Europe in the second quarter, up 20 percent from a year earlier, and its market share rose from 33.9 percent to 40.6 percent.
Huawei smartphone sales dropped 16 percent to $ 8.5 million due to US sanctions, but after holding 22.4 percent in the second quarter of last year, this year’s 18.8 percent market share continued to hold second place in second-quarter European sales.
With a market share of 14.1 percent, Apple ranks third in the market with 6.4 million iPhones in the second quarter, 17 percent less than the 7.7 million in Q2 2018, which gave it 17.0 percent market share.
Xiaomi, the fourth brand in Europe in terms of sales, sold 4.3 million smartphones in the second quarter, after 2.9 million a year earlier. Its market share rose to 9.6 percent from 6.5 percent.
Ranked fifth, HMD Global sold 1.2 million smartphones, down 18 percent after last year’s 1.5 million. Its market share fell to 2.7 percent from 3.2 percent.
Of all other smartphone brands, 6.4 million were sold in the European market in the second quarter, down 17 percent from 7.7 million a year earlier. In addition to the top five brands, all other brands combined gained 14.2 percent of the European smartphone sales this year, after 17.1 percent in Q2 2018.

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