San Francisco opera has canceled Plácido Domingo’s gig accused of sexual harassment

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The San Francisco Opera on Tuesday canceled Plácido Domingo’s gig for sexual harassment in early October.

The opera house announced in a statement that, despite accusations against the opera singer director that sexual harassment did not occur in San Francisco, the song theater is committed to a strict policy against sexual harassment and expects all members of the company to live up to its highest standards.
On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Opera announced that it would call on outside consultants to investigate allegations against the star. On Tuesday, the Philadelphia Orchestra also withdrew Domingo’s invitation to the season opener.
The AP news agency on Tuesday reported that eight singers and a ballerina had accused Domingo of sexually assaulting the director of the Los Angeles Opera since 2003 and previously being an art consultant. According to the report, Domingo had abused his position for decades and forced the women into sexual relations. Those who refused to do so were purportedly assigned only minor roles, or even deprived of roles. Artists telling the case to the American journalists and asking for anonymity said that most of the cases occurred in the 1980s. One of the opera singers, also requesting anonymity, also provided details of Domingo’s behavior. The AP added: Domingo was known for his love of the female company.
At the outbreak of the scandal, the Los Angeles Opera published a statement in which he emphasized: “Plácido Domingo has been a dynamic creator of the Los Angeles Opera and the Los Angeles art scene for three decades. However, we do our best to protect our employees and artists in which you can rest assuredly. ” In a statement to NPR American Public Radio, the California Opera House also stated: “We believe that every employee and artist has the right to be respected and to be safe at work.” Plácido Domingo called the accusations extremely embarrassing and inaccurate. He added: “I always believed that all my relationships and relationships were based on consensus.”
The Kennedy Center in Washington, where other theaters operate the Washington Opera House, said Tuesday in a statement banning sexual harassment, but stated that Plácido Domingo has not been the director of the American capital’s opera house since 2011.
In a statement, the New York Metropolitan, where Domingo performs at Puccini’s Butterfly Lady in November, said he noted the news of sexual harassment but would not decide whether the artist and the opera house should co-operate until the accusations are completed.

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