The Spanish King has begun negotiations on government formation

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According to statutory regulations VI. Philippine Spanish King began consultations with the parties of the Spanish Congress about the possibilities for government formation on Wednesday in Madrid.

In two days, the ruler negotiates with 15 party agents to assess which party’s prime minister may have the chance to obtain the required majority in the parliamentary vote and then to form a government.
The series of meetings began on Wednesday with the smallest party, with only one or two delegates, in order of highest political power.
The Catalan Republic’s Left Left (ERC) and EH BILDU Basque Leftist Nationalist Party are remarkably absent from the talks.
Lastly, the King will receive Chief Executive Officer Pedro Sánchez, Secretary General of the Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) with the largest faction in Thursday evening.
Traditionally, the ruling candidate calls for the government to win the most votes in parliamentary elections.
In 2016, Mariano Rajoy, president of the Conservative People’s Party (PP), rejected this because his party was a minority in parliament despite the election victory and was not assured of his election. In Spain, the elections were therefore repeated.
According to current expectations VI. Philip now proposes the election of Pedro Sánchez to the President of the House of Commons, who will be informed of his decision after the meetings.
Although the PSOE won the elections on April 28, its 123 mandates have no majority in the parliament, which means they cannot form a government independently.
However, for the time being, the Socialists are not preparing for coalition co-operation and continue to be a minority in government, for example, seeking to be elected Head of Government for external supporters.
The election of the Prime Minister requires the support of an absolute majority of Parliament, ie 176 Members, in the first round of voting. In case of failure, a second round must be held, then the simple majority is sufficient.
According to the information so far, the Prime Minister’s vote can take place in Spain at the end of June or early July.

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