There were demonstrations against cruise ships in Venice

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The protesters marched up to St. Mark’s Square in Venice, protesting against cruise ships on the city’s canals on Saturday, a week after a cruise ship collided with a small cruise ship at a ship station.

According to the Venetian authorities, a demonstration organized by the Not All Grand Grand Navy Navy took part in a demonstration.
Nature conservationists, Venetian residents and tourists also joined the tour, walking on foot and boats from the site of the shipwreck on June 2, from the San Basilio-Zattere to the city center, ie to St. Mark’s Square. Among the high-ranked banners was “Out of the Lagoons” and “Venice is not Disneyland”.
The protesters were initially banned from entering St Mark’s Square, which has been closed for security reasons since 1997, before any political movement, but later the prefect allowed protesters to go so far.
A week ago, in a Giudecca Canal, one of the entrances to the Venetian sewer network, a nearly 300-meter-long cruise ship drove to a smaller tourist boat. Four foreign tourists suffered easier injuries. The ships were seized by the prosecutor’s office and investigated against seven persons.
The accident once again made the problem of giant ships entering the narrow Venetian canals. The Rome Ministry of Transport promised a solution by the end of June.
Vessels larger than 40,000 tonnes were banned from Venice in 2014, but this provision was declared null and void one year later by the Italian administrative court.
According to IlSole24Ore’s Italian economic daily newspaper, last year, more than five hundred large ships were driven to Venice with 1.5 million tourists. This generated more than 280 million euros in revenue for the city.

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