El Paso leaders in Texas called on Donald Trump to condemn racism

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El Paso leaders in Texas have called on US President Donald Trump to condemn racism when he visited the city Wednesday in a scene of Saturday’s massacre that claimed 22 deaths and dozens of injured.

Prior to Trump’s arrival, senior officials at the Texas-Mexican border city government issued a statement. It stated that the city was “in the process of recovering from the worst terrorist attack in the United States against Spanish-born Spaniards”. It also called on Donald Trump to condemn the violence and the promotion of white supremacy.
In El Paso, the president and first lady, accompanied by Republican Governor Greg Abbott and two Republican senators of the state and the mayor of the city, visited the hospital to care for the wounded in the Saturday assassination and visited the center for emergency response coordination. . In both places, demonstrators against and against the President appeared.
Governor Greg Abbott has announced that he will provide $ 5 million to the city to “begin rebuilding the community,” according to a statement. Tens of thousands of dollars in donations have been offered to the city by the Dallas Cowboys American football team and several foundations.
The visit to El Paso was preceded by several disputes. Joaquin Castro, Texas Democratic spokesman – Julian Castro’s Democratic presidential candidate aspirant brother – has revealed who in his constituency, San Antonio, is the name of those who support Trump’s campaign. Among the 44 people listed are housewives, retirees and small entrepreneurs. “They are heating up the hate campaign that marks Spanish-speaking immigrants as ‘invaders’,” said Joaquin Castro.
The president and White House spokesman Stephanie Grisham intervened with Dayton, Mayor of Ohio, Nan Whaley, and Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown. Donald Trump visited El Paso on Wednesday morning at the scene of the Ohio assassination and asked the two politicians to join his entourage. Subsequently, in their interviews, both the mayor and senator sharply criticized Donald Trump’s rhetoric, which he said was divisive and racist. In response, spokesman Donald Trump and Stephanie Grisham wrote on Twitter that the two politicians had misrepresented the entire visit.
In a speech at a campaign event in Iowa on Wednesday, a Democratic presidential aspirant, Joe Biden, said that Donald Trump was “fueling the fires of white supremacy in the country.” Biden has linked Trump’s rhetoric, which he classifies as sharing, to the murder of a racist-fueled amphibian in El Paso.
Donald Trump has repeatedly rejected criticisms of his rhetoric, and has told reporters that critics have forgotten that the perpetrator of the Dayton assassination had liberal views.

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