Red and white meat consumption is harmful to cholesterol

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In contrast to the general belief, the consumption of red and white meat has a similar effect on blood cholesterol levels, according to a new study by American researchers.

Researchers were also surprised by a study conducted by the University of California’s Children’s Hospital, Oakland Research Institute (CHORI), that high intake of both red and white meat results in higher cholesterol levels than the consumption of a similar amount of plant protein. This effect was independent of whether or not the diet contained large amounts of saturated fats.
“When we planned this study, we expected the red meat to have a much more detrimental effect on cholesterol than white meat, and we were surprised when it didn’t come out. Professor, Director of the CHORI Atherosclerosis Research Center (arteriosclerosis arteriosclerosis) published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
There was no processed meat among the meat studied, such as sausage or casserole, meat from cattle kept on pasture, and fish, he added.
The results of the study indicate that limiting the consumption of cholesterol is more useful than previously thought. Plant proteins are the healthiest in terms of cholesterol – researchers found out.
Red meat consumption has become unpopular in the last few decades when it has been associated with an increasing risk of cardiovascular disease. The US government’s dietary recommendations encouraged poultry consumption as a healthier alternative to red meat.
So far, however, there has been no comprehensive comparison of the effects of red, white meat and non-meat products on cholesterol levels, ”Krauss explained.
Non-meat proteins, proteins derived from vegetables, dairy products and legumes proved to be the most beneficial for cholesterol, he added.

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