A $ AP Rocky fan threatened to blow up the Swedish Embassy

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There are growing reactions to the arrest of A $ AP Rocky rapper in Sweden weeks ago. Variety writes that a woman has been arrested in Washington for threatening to blow up the Swedish embassy there.

A woman named Rebecca Kanter placed a packet in front of the embassy, ​​poured some liquid from a soda bottle, and started yelling to blow up the entire tavern. One day later, the same woman returned to the scene, shouting with the people at the scene, then talking about the arrest of A $ AP Rocky. Eventually, he was arrested for refusing to leave the building.

The woman is a rapper fan and attacked the embassy because A $ AP Rocky has been in pre-trial detention since July 3 and has recently been sued for serious bodily harm. The case is quite complicated because the rapper is accused of seriously assaulting a man in Sweden, but they all claimed that this was only self-defense and a video of it was exposed.

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