A$AP Rocky is released from prison

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At a hearing on Friday, the judge ruled that A $ AP Rocky will be released from prison in Sweden until the August 14 sentence. He said he would finally like to take a bath and meet his family. The rapper doesn’t have to stay in Sweden during this time.

The American rapper was jailed on July 3 for a June 30 street fight. He was charged with grievous bodily harm and two friends and a bodyguard were taken. Two youngsters, 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari and a friend of theirs, who, according to several videos, have been following, harassed and raped for a while, have been exposed to some substance. Rocky said they tried to shake them off peacefully, but in vain they asked to be left alone. Then, in the end, things degenerated.

Rocky had been complaining in the early days of the inhumane conditions he had received in prison. Later, on the intervention of Kanye West, Donald Trump himself appealed to the Swedish authorities to release the rapper from prison. That didn’t happen, in fact, at the hearing, the prosecutor requested A $ AP Rocky for half a year in prison.

The trial began on Wednesday, Friday being the third day of trial.

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