They would donate one of Turner’s famous paintings to Britain

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One of J. M. W. Turner’s famous paintings would be donated in Great Britain. The value of the image of Lake Vierwaldstätte and Mount Rigi is estimated at £ 10 million (£ 3.6 billion).

The government has imposed a temporary export ban on privately owned artwork to prevent it from being exported from the country. The ban is in place until December 1, hoping to raise enough money to buy it and keep it in the UK. “It would be a huge loss for the country to move abroad,” said Secretary of State for Culture Rebecca Pow on Saturday.
Watercolor made in 1842 is the only painting of the world-famous British painter from the three-piece Rigi series, which is not yet in the public collection. “Turner is one of Britain’s greatest artists ever, and The Dark Rigi is a beautiful and emotional work that she painted at the height of her work,” said Rebecca Pow.
In the event of a serious intention to purchase the work of art, the export ban may be extended until 1 June 2020, as notified.
Born in 1775, Turner is considered one of the most prominent figures in landscape painting in art history.

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