Alan Turing’s mathematical portrait will be on the new 50 important

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The mathematical portrait of Alan Turing is included in the new UK 50 important banknote that will be available two years later.

Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, announced the decision taken on Monday at the Museum of Industrial and Historical History in Manchester as a result of extensive public consultation. According to the head of the British central bank, Turing was a war hero whose activities have a huge impact on the lives of today’s generations.
Alan Turing, who is honored as a founder of modern computing and artificial intelligence in the science of post-science science, is the second most popular in the world. During World War II, he stood at the head of a group that broke the Enigma code, which was believed to be undecided by German command, at Bletchley Park, a British military intelligence code-making center. This code was also used to communicate with German submarines hunted to convoy convoys in the North Atlantic waters, causing severe losses in the first phase of the war. Breaking the code, according to some historians, has shortened the war years.
In spite of this extraordinary achievement, Turing was convicted of homosexuality in 1952 under the charge of “serious public misconduct”. The judgment said that Turing would either go to prison or be subjected to “voluntary” chemical castration. Turing finally chose this treatment, but just two years later, in 1954, he died a few days before his 42nd birthday. Alan Turingo II. Queen Elizabeth at the initiative of the British government in 2008 received grace.
Participants in the social consultation initiated by the Bank of England could nominate scientific celebrities who were real people but no longer live. During the six weeks of consultation, the central bank received 227,000 proposals to 989 former scientists.
The 50 is the UK’s highest denomination banknote, but it is rarely encountered in everyday banknotes, with the bulk of cash payments being made with 5, 10, and 20 bankers.
The Bank of England has been launching a full-scale refinancing of British cash for three years now and the new five- and ten-core banknotes are already in circulation.
The portrait of the late five British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, the new ten-year-old English writer Jane Austen, who is still extremely popular worldwide, died in 1817, is on the five.
The new 20-core polymer-based material will also be available for the future, J. M. W. Turner XVIII-XIX. century self-portrait of an English painter.

Record market capitalization of the 100 largest companies in the world The market capitalization of hundreds of the world’s leading listed companies rose to a record $ 21,000 billion, according to PwC’s Global Top 100 Survey.     In the one-year period from April last year, the market capitalization of one hundred leading companies increased by 5 per cent, slowing down from the 10 per cent growth one year earlier.     Technology and online commerce companies continue to dominate the narrow list, with seven companies in the top ten: US, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook, plus two Chinese, Alibaba and Tencent .     For the fifth year in a row, 54 percent of the 100 largest companies in the US have increased their market capitalization by over 9 percent in one year.     China ranks second in the Global Top 100 despite Asian companies’ market capitalization declining by 4 percent over the past 12 months.     One year ago, Chinese companies increased their market capitalization by 57 percent. Then three new Chinese companies were placed in the Top 100 and two in the Top 10.     According to the latest PwC list, European companies’ market capitalization fell by 5 percent in one year and three companies fell out of the 100 list.      Microsoft tops the latest hundred list, after being third last year, and its market capitalization increased by $ 202 billion to $ 905 billion in one year.     Last year, Apple topped second place, with $ 45 billion in market capitalization and $ 896 billion in market capitalization.     In the top ten, four other companies are American, Amazon, Alphabet, Berkshire Hathaway and Facebook.     Chinese companies rank seventh and eighth in the list: Alibaba retained its seventh position, while Tencent slipped from last year’s fifth to eighth.     The top two places in the top ten are American companies again: ninth is Johnson & Johnson and tenth is Exxon Mobil.

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