American expert: It is too late to tighten controls on arms purchases

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The delay in tightening the mandatory background check on arms purchases – not detailed – that US President Donald Trump has sparked in the wake of the Ohio and El Paso shootings over the weekend, is a late step, said US expert Tibor Frank on Thursday.

He added that America already has a whole arsenal of privately owned weapons and that the mental health of gunmen cannot be retrospectively examined.
The American Arms Manufacturers and Dealers Association has five million members, and one billion weapons are owned by individuals worldwide. Looking at the background of the perpetrators of recent years, it can be said that most of them would not have come up for control, so the chances of detection are minimal, he said.
He emphasized that only the beauty patch is the tightening advocated by the American president.
On Sunday night in Dayton, Ohio, a man opened fire in a bar, killing nine people and wounding 26 people. And on Saturday morning, an armed attack on the American-Mexican border in El Paso killed 20 people and injured more than two dozen.

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