US military spokesman: Iranian ships tried to capture a British tanker in the Persian (Arab) Gulf

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Iranian ships attempted to intercept a British tanker in the Persian (Arabic) Gulf, quoted Fox TV Wednesday’s Bill Urban, a spokesman for US Central Command (CENTCOM).

The spokesman said that the US military had monitored the events. He then emphasized that “international freedom is an international solution”.
In addition to Fox Television, CNN television also reported on Wednesday evening that five Iranian patrol boats, suspected of being part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, were trying to capture a British oil tanker in the Persian (Arab) Gulf, near the Strait of Hormuz. The tanker approached the Strait of Hormuz when the Iranians called for a change of direction and a stop. One of the frigates of the British Royal Navy escorted the tanker and urged the Iranian guards to leave immediately, leaving them too.
Hashan Romani Iranian President warned the United Kingdom on Wednesday that there would be consequences for the arrest of a Iranian tanker carrying Syria and crude oil last week at Gibraltar. “I say that the British are creating uncertainty and later experiencing the consequences,” said the Iranian president at the Tehran government seat.
General Joseph General, Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters Tuesday in Washington that the US government would like to forge a military coalition to control waterways near Iran and Yemen. Mike Pompeo, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mark Esper, Minister of Defense, was also present at the briefing. General Dunford said: Washington is continuing talks with its allies to see if the coalition can come together and, if so, how many countries are involved in order to ensure freedom of navigation in the Strait of Hormuz and the Pup el-Mandeb Strait.

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