Gold Cup – Keylor Navas does not participate in this tournament this time either

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Keylor Navas, the goalkeeper of the Costa Rica football team, misses the Golden Cup for the fourth time.

This was confirmed by Gustavo Matosas, the Argentinian federal captain of the band, after his troops knocked out from Peruvian to Lima on Wednesday’s preparation match.
The leader pointed out that he had nominated the goalkeeper in the big frame and counted it until the last moment, but he accepted his decision not to be available to the national team.
“Keylor is a great man and we understand that he does not want to leave his family now when he becomes uncertain, where he continues his career, and has to make an important decision,” he said.
He added that the national team’s lack of Navas, an important part of the team, is a loss for the team, but he thinks the goalkeepers of the frame are capable of replacing him.
However, the 32-year-old player, who played only 42 percent of the national team’s matches, was criticized by the local press and the national team for his support since 2014 in Real Madrid. Most recently, Navas appeared in the Golden Cup in 2011, and has been missing three continental championships ever since.
Navas’s contract expires next summer at Real Madrid, where Thibaut Courtois came second after last year’s arrival. The Costa Rican player’s summer departure is treated as a fact by the Spanish sports magazine, which is called Benfica and Paris Saint-Germain.
This year, 16 teams of the Golden Cup will start next Saturday and end on July 7, the tournament matches will be held in the United States with the exception of four group matches. Costa Rica – next to Jamaica – will be co-organizer, and the first round of the group rounds will include two meetings in San Jose, hosted by Nicaragua.

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