The Alabama Governor has signed a law on strict abortion

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Kay Ivey, Republican governor of Alabama, signed a US law on abortion on Wednesday night.

The law, which was adopted on Tuesday by the Senate of the southern Member State, almost completely bans artificial abortion. Unlike the laws of those Member States that severely restrict abortion, it does not prohibit abortion from the first heartbeat of the fetus – roughly from the sixth week of pregnancy – and does not exempt it from pregnancy due to rape or incest. Allows you to interrupt your pregnancy only if your mother’s life is at risk or her health is severely damaged.
According to the law, a doctor who executes an artificial abortion may be sentenced to 99 years in prison.
Governor Kay Ivey issued a statement after signing the law. In this, he said: “For many of his supporters, this law is a clear proof that the Alabama are deep in believing that all life is precious and all life is sacred to God.”
Leana Wen, president of Planned Parenthood (Planned Parenthood), an NGO in Abortion, said she would file a lawsuit on Thursday because the law violates the Federal Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe / Wade decision to guarantee women the right to abortion. . Staci Fox, the other director of the organization, said Wednesday night in CBS television news: the organization he controlled in Alabama hadn’t lost any lawsuits, and that would be the case.
On Thursday, the New York Times published an editorial on the Internet in an editorial resolution that “America is at an age of extreme abortion”.
According to analysts, some of the Republican camp is just waiting for the case to go to the Supreme Court. They are hopeful that the now conservative supreme court, which had previously refused to deal with the issue of abortion, will now void the Roe / Wade decision.
Terri Collins, one of the co-rapporteurs of the law, said that the aim was to give the Supreme Court an opportunity to discuss this, with the aim of destroying the Roe / Wade decision.
At the same time, analysts warn that such austerity laws can remove many voters from the Republican Party in the 2020 elections.
Alabama is not the only US state where anti-abortion law has been passed in recent months. For example, Brian Kemp, governor of Georgia, signed an abortion law that came into force on January 1, but similar legislation was voted in Kentucky and Mississippi. For the time being, the law was suspended in Kentucky, but in Mississippi, the law adopted in March is expected to apply from July 1.

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