The Alabama Senate voted for the almost total abortion ban

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In the state of Alabama, the Senate also voted the United States’ most stringent abortion law Tuesday night.

A doctor who carries out a fetus – at any stage of pregnancy – may be sentenced to 99 years in prison and sentenced to 10 years in prison who are only attempting to terminate a pregnancy. Women who suffer from non-artificial abortion cannot be prosecuted. There is no exception to the law: pregnancy can only be interrupted if the mother’s life is in danger or there is a serious risk to her health.
The Republican upper house of the South-state legislature voted in favor of the ban after lengthy debates and obstructive attempts by Democratic Party Senators. The House of Representatives, also a Republican majority, has already passed the law last month, which is now being signed for the governor. Republican governor Kay Ivey did not comment on the legislator’s decision on Tuesday.
According to the first commentaries, if the governor signs the decision, the law is expected to face a series of lawsuits and it cannot be ruled out that the federal supreme court acting as a constitutional court will be brought.
Until now, four American states – Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Mississippi – have passed a law that bans abortion from the first heartbeat of the fetus, ie from the sixth week of the blessed state. However, Alabama’s law forbids the fetus from the moment of conception.
Supporters of the law trust that the case will be brought before the federal supreme court, and the chief judges may reconsider the so-called Roe / Wade decision of 1973, which essentially allowed abortion in the United States. At the same time, Clyde Chambliss, a Republican Senator who presented the draft in Alabama himself, said on Tuesday that a lower court could suspend the implementation of the law.
Also in Southern Georgia, Tuesday, Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed a “Heartbeat Act” that came into force on January 1st next year, and in Hollywood, actors and film companies announced boycott against Georgia. For example, actress Alyssa Milano called everyone at the end of the week in a Twitter post to abstain from sex as long as women “do not regain control over their bodies”.
In Kentucky, a federal judge suspended the law for immediate effect, and in Mississippi the law adopted in March is scheduled to come into effect in July.

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