The US Supreme Court relieved a murderer of the accusation by referring to racial prejudice

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On Friday, the US Supreme Court declared null and void a murderous death sentence of a Mississippi, and at the same time relieved him of the accusation of racial prejudice.

According to the Federal Supreme Court, acting as the US Constitutional Court, during the talks of the offender Curtis Flowers, African-American candidates were removed unlawfully from the ranks of the jury.
Curtis Flowers, a 49-year-old African American, killed four people in 1996 in Winona, Mississippi. He has had six talks since then, and the results of two have been canceled due to irregular judicial proceedings, but three times he has been convicted and sentenced to death. However, the Supreme Court of the State of Mississippi did not accept the judgment on grounds of procedural law errors and the exclusion of African American jurors. For example, at the sixth trial, five of the six black jury candidates were rejected. During the six cases, the charge was represented by the same white prosecutor throughout.
The murderer’s lawyer argued that the prosecutors were working with racial prejudices, discriminating against black people.
At the same time, the Mississippi Supreme Court, while rejecting the judgment, upheld the guilt. The Federal Supreme Court released Flowerst on death row on Friday.
The Washington Constitutional Court ruled at 7: 2, two conservative judges – Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch – voted against.
Judge Brett Kavanaugh formulated the reason for the court decision. At all points in the justification, he mentioned discrimination against black jurors and their exclusion from the negotiation process.
Clarence Thomas, who voted against the decision, referred to the pain of the relatives of the victims and noted that the defense had also succeeded in excluding some white jurors.
“The state is fully entitled to prosecute Curtis Flowers again,” judge Clarence Thomas, who also happens to be an African American.

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