The American women’s team defended its title in the Volleyball League

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The United States women’s volleyball team defended its title in the League of Nations.

The Americans qualify for the sixth finals in the Chinese Nanking with 12 wins and 3 defeats, second place finals, and the sixth finals with two successes. Subsequently, in the semifinals, the host was defeated by Chinese against 3-1, finals over Brazilians from 0-2 to 3-2.
Andrea Drews became the most valuable player in the tournament, earning 21 points in the semi-finals and 33 points in South America.
The United States national team, a federal captain of Hungarian origin, as a player in the hall (2) and Olympic champion on the beach, Karch Kiraly, won the second-ever series last year, leading six times in its predecessor, the World Grand Prix.
The 16-member League of Nations, organized every year, is the second most prestigious series of the International Federation (FIVB) after the World Cup.

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