Amnesty International warns of the dangers of traveling to the United States

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In a statement issued Wednesday night warning of the dangers of traveling to the United States, Amnesty International (AI) is the US headquarters of the international human rights organization.

The NGO justified the warning that, as stated in its statement, “armed violence in the United States has increased to such an extent that it will lead to a human rights crisis”.
In a US Department of State announcement, usually in the form of warnings issued to US tourists, AI warns visitors to the United States to “always be very vigilant and aware that there may be attacking weapons anywhere in the population.”
The announcement warns travelers to the United States not to visit places where there are large crowds. He mentioned cultural events, shopping malls, churches and schools as places to avoid. He also stressed the need for caution in nightclubs and casinos and drew attention to the fact that certain groups of people, depending on their ethnicity or sexual orientation, may be in extreme danger.
The AI ​​also criticized the US government, stating that the government was “unwilling to provide protection from armed violence”, although “under international human rights law, the United States must enforce it – at federal, state, and local levels – provisions that protect people’s right to life and freedom of movement without fear of armed violence “.
A similar warning was issued by Uruguay the other day. The South American state has given special caution to its citizens going to the United States for “non-violent, mostly hateful violence.” The Japanese Consulate General in Detroit also warned the Japanese living there, following a statement by the Japanese Foreign Ministry. “Be aware of the danger of armed incidents across the United States,” reads a statement describing Americans as an “armed society.”

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