The Anglican Church criticized Wayne Rooney

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On Friday, the Anglican Church criticized Wayne Rooney, a former striker for the English football team, who returns from the United States to England in January for a second-rate Derby County team that is partly paid by an online casino.

In addition to the church, health professionals also challenged the decision of the 120-time national team athlete. Rooney will earn £ 90,000 a week for the team, part of which is sponsored by the club’s sponsor, 32Red Internet Casino. In addition, under the agreement, the striker will be wearing jersey # 32.
Alan Smith, bishop of St Albans, a spokesman for the Gypsy gambling industry, told The Guardian that celebrities should be more aware of the impact their decisions have on others and Wayne Rooney should have refused to wear the jersey. He recalled that there is a consensus among experts that these advertisements have an impact on children and young people.
A group of gambling addiction experts also criticized Rooney’s decision and called on the British government to ban sponsorship by bookmakers and online casinos. It is recalled that restrictions have already been introduced in Australia, Belgium and Italy in this area.
The 32Red online casino was fined two million pounds last year for failing to help a gambling addict. In fact, the company offered VIP status and free bonuses to the customer instead of helping him.
In his biography, Wayne Rooney wrote that he was a regular receiver at the same time and confronted him with his “stupidity” that the press had made it known.
Half of the clubs at the forefront of the English Football Championship will wear the logo of bookmakers or online casinos on the jersey during the 2019-20 season. In the second division, 17 out of 24 teams are sponsored by such businesses.
Meanwhile, non-governmental organizations have called on Premier League clubs to better pay staff because they cannot make a living from their work. According to Citizens UK, cleaners, stewards and caterers are employed by Arsenal, Newcastle United, Manchester United and other teams for less than £ 9 an hour. Out of the twenty leading bands, only four, Everton, Chelsea, Liverpool and West Ham United, provide a living wage of nine pounds per hour, and London £ 10.55. In the United Kingdom, the minimum wage is currently below the subsistence level at £ 8.21.
Premier League teams recorded record revenue last year, with sales of more than £ 4.8 billion.

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