The United States confiscated a North Korean cargo ship accused of violating sanctions

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The United States confiscated a North Korean cargo ship accused of a violation of sanctions, said the Ministry of Justice in Washington on Thursday.

According to the US authorities, the ship was illegally transporting coal, in violation of the US and international sanctions against North Korea.
A 17,000-tonne wagon, known as the Wise Honesty, is used to ship heavy machinery and machines to North Korea, according to the US Department. “This cargo ship, which regularly violates sanctions, is no longer in circulation,” said John Demers, head of the national security department of the Ministry of Justice. He added: “The ministry is also deeply committed to exerting the greatest possible pressure on North Korea to change hostile behavior”
The American decision was made a few hours after Pyongyang had a second missile test within a week, presumably with short-range missiles. The South Korean Army reported on the experiments. The American press, quoting the South Korean Chief of Staff, said that the two missiles had been fired in the direction of Kusong, eastward, toward Japan. The two missiles had a distance of 420 and 270 kilometers at an altitude of about 50 kilometers and then fell into the sea.
Lieutenant Dave Eastburn, the Pentagon spokesman, said, “we know the reports and follow the developments.”
US President Donald Trump responded to the news: “No one is happy” about launching missiles. However, the President stated to the journalists in the White House that the American-North Korean dialogue would continue. “I know they want to negotiate, because they’re talking about negotiations. But I don’t think they’re ready to negotiate,” Trump said.
On Thursday, the United Nations Ambassador to the United Nations, Gen Cassayre, accredited to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva, on Thursday, called on North Korea to count camps estimated to be tens of thousands of political prisoners.

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