El Paso massacre admitted to killing Mexicans specifically

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He was specifically killing Mexicans, said Patrick Crusius, 21, who shot and killed 22 people at a supermarket in El Paso, Texas, last Saturday.

Details of his first confession after the arrest of a mass murderer appeared in the US press on Friday.
Detective Adrian Garcia also stated in the investigation that when police arrived minutes after the shooting, Crusius got out of his car and said “I am the shooter”. After his arrest, two investigators questioned him at the police station. The perpetrator did not wish to exercise the right of silence provided by law. He immediately testified and said that he had spent about 10-11 hours driving from his residence – Allen, near Dallas, Texas – to El Paso, where he first got lost. Because he was hungry, he stopped at the mall where the Walmart store is. He had breakfast and then fired. He also said he fired an AK-47 submachine gun. Police found hours after the shooting that Patrick Crusius had repeatedly raided immigrants on the Internet and wrote about “the invasion of Texas by the Spanish.”
An indictment was filed against Patrick Crusius on Monday, and the prosecutor sought the death penalty. The US Department of Homeland Security said the massacre is being treated as domestic terrorism.
The investigation also revealed that the perpetrator’s mother had called the Allen police in the weeks before the assassination because her son had bought a weapon and believed that he was partially mature and had no experience in the use of weapons. The mother’s report to the police was not taken seriously, partly because she did not express specific concerns and partly because she did not say her name. Chris Ayres, a family lawyer with the police, said Crusius had left El Grandda’s grandparent’s apartment. Since his parents divorced in 2011, he has lived there mostly. “He was not in a bad mood, was not embarrassed, was not an outsider,” the lawyer told the police.
Patrick Crusius’ ex-lawyer Mark Stevens did not want to comment on the case. He told reporters just “prosecutors are trying to get him to death, I use every legal means to prevent this from happening.”

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