The Ohio governor is proposing a new law on gun control

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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine proposed a new law on gun control Tuesday after massacres in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, over the weekend.

The governor said that the law already in force should be supplemented by a passport allowing authorities to permanently confiscate firearms from persons found by a court to be dangerous due to their mental condition.
At a news conference Tuesday, Mike DeWine also said he would call on Ohio lawmakers to enact a law that would tighten controls on all firearms in the state. Only a few, in very exceptional cases, such as gifts between family members, would be exempt, he added.
A Republican politician who took office in January and whose election campaign was supported by the influential gun lobby, the National Arms Alliance (NRA), said he expects local lawmakers to take a number of measures to deal with mental illness and curb armed violence. “We could join together to save lives,” he said.
According to the first commentary and analysis, it will be difficult to implement your proposal. The majority of Ohio lawmakers are Republican politicians fending for arms restrictions, and DeWine’s predecessor, John Kasich, also a Republican, has failed to achieve a similar restrictive law.
Connor Betts, a 24-year-old who was shot dead Sunday night in a nightclub in downtown Dayton, is getting more and more information.
On Tuesday, several American newspapers reported that his former high school classmates remembered him as having enjoyed the intimidation of his peers. They say he was explicitly avoided at school. Two former students, asking for his name to be withheld, said: In 2012, Betts made a list in the school washroom of which student she wanted to rape and who she would kill. Subsequently, he was suspended from the school for a year, and police opened an investigation but the investigation died.
On Monday night, Cloudflare, its security system provider, suspended support for the 8chan Internet portal, according to US press reports. Created in 2013, the infamous online newspaper was called the “hate-pit of hate speech” in the United States for publishing extremely hateful content and photos and videos under the guise of freedom of speech. The portal was identified as a “gathering place” for extremist perpetrators of violence, and after a massacre in El Paso, police began investigating entries there.

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