The Italian Minister of the Interior has authorized the landing of a group of migrants in danger of life

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Matteo Salvini, Italian Interior Minister, allowed the 63 Iraqi Kurdish migrants to be landed on Sunday by the Italian Navy from the storm in Italian waters.

Matteo Salvini stated, “My goal is to stop migrants from starting, but I don’t want anyone to die”. He stressed that the Navy had learned that the migrant group was in a life-threatening situation, allowing him to land their accommodation.
The Italian Minister of the Interior, the head of the League Government Party, stressed that the number of arrivals on Italian coasts has dropped by 92 percent in the last one year, saving lives and money.
Responding to those who say that Matteo Salvini is the “killer” of migrants by closing the Italian harbors, the Interior Minister stated that he said blood adhered to those who had left migrants leaving and dying at sea. He noted that the Italian Left supported migration because it “needed slaves and new voters”. Matteo Salvini added that while he was the Italian Interior Minister, the ports would remain closed.
The 63 Iraqi Kurds traveled from Turkey to a sailboat with 10 women and 19 children. On Sunday morning at dawn, they mixed in Italian waters, one of the Italian Navy’s ships hastened to help them, took them on board and then transported them to the port of Crotone in southern Italy. They are currently in the registration center of nearby Isola Capo Rizzuto.
Another Italian Navy ship had previously saved 36 people in Libyan waters and landed them in a Sicilian port on Saturday. This was not allowed by Matteo Salvini, claiming that the rescue operation had taken place in Libyan waters, but Defense Minister Elisabetta Trenta, and a politician from the Five Star Movement (M5S) of the other Italian government, opened the Italian port before the group on the warship.
Matteo Salvini announced on Friday that he intends to tighten up his 12-year migration-national security package with his name. The proposals include fines for civilian vessels carrying migrants to Italy, up to € 5,000 per person delivered, and the inclusion of a shipping license. For reasons of national security, Matteo Salvini would also transfer the control of Italian waters to the Minister of the Interior. He also raised the issue of prior official surveillance of NGOs suspected of facilitating illegal immigration.
The proposals of the Interior Minister will be discussed by the Italian Government after the European Parliament elections. Luigi Di Maio, head of the Five Star Movement (M5S), called Salvini’s proposals “inadequate”, underlining that the Interior Minister, while stopping migration, forgot to remove illegal immigrants in Italy.

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