The Russian spy boss warned of another cyber-attack

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Sergey Nariskin, director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SZVR), warned against a new cyber attack against Russia on Tuesday at a meeting with the heads of security services in Ufa.

Nariskin said that the SZVR had shared the information it had about the attacks that had taken place with its specialized services. He claimed that the West is trying to defeat Russia’s cooperation with other countries, including China, using the tools of the hybrid war.
According to the Russian spokesman, Western countries see cyber space not as an unregulated terrain for their geopolitical rivals, including Russia and China, for the time being. He recalled that the United States’ strategy anticipates the possibility of launching preventive cyber attacks.
Nariskin warned that operations against the infrastructure of other states in cyberspace could have unpredictable and extraordinary consequences for the attacking party.
Dmitry Pescov, the Kremlin spokesman, did not rule out Tuesday the possibility that Vladimir Putin’s Russian President and US President Donald Trump would discuss cyber attacks at a special meeting at the end of June at the G20 summit in Osaka.
The issue of cyber attacks has pointed out that the American Newspaper, The New York Times, said on Saturday that the efforts of US agencies to deliver virus to the Russian energy system have intensified in recent years. Trump classified the news as untrue, and at the same time accused the editorial staff of the newspaper of “virtual treachery”, which said in response that government officials had seen the media before the announcement.
On Monday, an anonymous, senior official of an unnamed Russian security body confirmed to Russian news agencies that foreign, including US, services are attempting to penetrate into Russian infrastructure management systems with increasing intensity, but have so far “neutralized” them. According to the informer, the targets of the attacks were banks, transport and the energy sector. He said the steps could be considered “elements of the cyber war”.

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