The Russians will also have a return space flight

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Within two to three years, Russia will also have a recharged first-stage launcher, as revealed by an interview with the Chief Information Officer of Andrejs Grigorjev, the Institute for Perspective Research (FPI).

According to Grigoryev, the first step of the Krilo-SzV launcher is being recycled to 2021-2022, and at the first demonstration, directional landing will be carried out in a speed-lowering mode, corresponding to the size and size of the rocket engine.

The Russians are planning a number of attempts at the return grade. During flight in directional mode, the return unit accelerates from the initial speed to the hypersonic speed and then decelerates in the atmosphere and ends its journey at an airport.

The return unit flight has been modeled mathematically, defining the most suitable engine type and technical characteristics. With the development of Krilo-SzV’s recurring grade, the design office in Mysszischev was involved, and plans were finalized last May. The details published in the magazine Gorizont revealed that, when the specified height was reached, the rocket would expand its wings and turn on its jet engine, thereby enabling the return of its first gear. (Similar plans were made in the early 2000s, in the Baikal-Angara project.)

SpaceX, a US private space company, has been using similar technology for years. First, in December 2015, he returned to the Earth Falcon-9 launcher recyclable accelerators that landed intact, vertically.

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