The new Lion King had already suppressed the Ice Charm

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The live-action Lion King is the most revenue-generating animated film, and Ice Hockey is ranked second. The former has so far bought $ 1.335 billion in tickets worldwide, while the latter has “only” made $ 1.268 billion at the box office, writes CinemaBlend.

In third place is The Incredible Family 2 ($ 1.243 billion), fourth in the Minyons ($ 1.167 billion), and fifth in Toy Story 3 ($ 1.06 billion), making it to the top of the chart with only one animated movie Disney has nothing to do with it.

While there is no complaint about ticket sales, the company posted a loss of $ 553 million in the April-June period. One reason for this is that they recently bought 21st Century Fox, and another is that they are working feverishly on their own streaming service.

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