They gossip about the fourth Matrix

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The most severe punishment in Cyprus’s history, a sevenfold life imprisonment, was the first serial killer in the island, a 35-year-old professional soldier killing seven women, five adults and two children between September 2016 and July 2018.

At the time of pronouncing the verdict, Nikos Metaxas, the National Guard’s centurion, who was guilty of all charges, cried himself. “I have committed horrible crimes … I apologize to the victims’ relatives and the souls of the victims,” ​​the divorced father with two children said.

The soldier knew about his subsequent victims on the Internet, who were foreign women working in Cyprus as domestic workers. Three victims were from the Philippines, a woman from Romania, and one from Nepal – one of the Filipino and one Romanian woman killed with her eight and six year old daughters. The victims were then hidden by an abandoned copper mine, wells and trough reservoirs, writes MTI.

Metaxas’s series of murders was accidentally revealed when a German tourist, after heavy rains, came across the bodies of two women near a mine fountain on April 14th. The man was taken four days later, and Metaxas confronted him immediately and led the police to the other victims. The last victim, a six-year-old girl’s body, was found on July 12 on a bottom of a reed in a bottom of a reed with a poisonous water mine.

There is summer, the cucumber season, and the news goes on holiday, and much attention is paid to even the simplest gossip. One example is that, according to some news, the Wachowski brothers are starting to make a fourth Matrix film starring Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Black Panther).

For two years, the first news was that they would be rebooting the Matrix, and even then the name of Michael B. Jordan was mentioned. Now again, there are a lot of news sites about the reboot, but it’s worth to handle it carefully, because the news was released by the notorious Discussing Film site, which says that the Wachowski brothers and the original production designer, Huge Bateup, are returning. project. It is also written that it is not yet known whether reboot or the continuation of the original trilogy will be the film being made, but the latter sounds rather interesting after the end of the trilogy. In addition, in May, Chad Stahelski, the director of John Wick’s films, was already gossiping, and although he later indicated that he was speaking only in conditional mode, this vocation was still interesting for a man who worked as a stunt coordinator on the Matrix.

By the way, the first Matrix was twenty years old this year, and as it used to be in modern pop culture, many studios are trying to reboot, prequel or spinoff around such anniversaries, and in the case of the Matrix, a history can really be interesting.

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