Without Biegun’s verifiable nuclear disarmament, there is no progress with North Korea

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Without controllable nuclear disarmament, no progress has been made with North Korea, said Stephen Biegun, US Special Representative for North Korea on Wednesday at the Atlantic Council in Washington.

Biegun explained that both Washington and Pyongyang are aware that there is a need for flexibility in the future to negotiate nuclear disarmament. In his words, the US government is ready to discuss at the next summit the commitments made by US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un at the first summit held in Singapore in North Korea.
The Special Representative explained that, at a forthcoming round of negotiations, the North Korean party should have the power to negotiate “on all topics” alongside nuclear disarmament. However, Biegun did not mention other specific negotiation topics. He mentioned, however, that in recent times Washington has seen more changes in the position of North Korea, for example, there is no consensus on what the two countries mean by nuclear disarmament. “We never reach our goal if we don’t know where to go,” he said. Stephen Biegun also stressed that Washington expects Chinese President Chi-ping to take a “constructive message” on North Korea’s nuclear disarmament on Thursday’s visit to Fiji.
The South Korean Special Representative for South Korea also spoke at the conference. Lee Do Hoon urged Pyongyang to respond to an invitation from a South Korean President at a South Korean summit.

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