Boris Becker spoke to the Wimbledon spectators after the final

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His first coach, Boris Becker, watched the fifth Wimbledon victory of Serbian Novak Djokovich on the spot. When Djokovics walked around the track with the trophy, he hugged the former German big star who won three times the grassy Grand Slam.

Becker also commented to the BBC after a game that ended with a historical abbreviation. Between 2013 and 2016, Germany was coached by Djokovics.

“A little more respect for the audience is Novak. Here, Federer will always be the big favorite, I accept it, he deserves, he has the right to this great love, but Novak has also won four times in the All England Club.

However, you should know the greatness of Novak if you have already won 16 GS tournaments. In England, however, Roger and Rafa dominate the tracks ”

– criticized Becker.

First of all, it turned out that Switzerland was the sympathy of the audience – the majority of the 15,000 people who could see him as a winner – when there was an ambiguous challenge situation, Djokovics went to the match judge. He did not gesture violently, he simply asked for an explanation, but the viewers answered whistlingly.

Becker thinks he’s not completely happy with Djokovich, as he has 16 GS victories next to his name, while Nadal has 18 and Federer has 20.

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