Boris Johnson is already threatening: he doesn’t want to pay to the EU

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The former Foreign Minister, who is also likely to be a Prime Minister, would withhold the agreed amount until he receives a better offer. After the resignation of Theresa May, Britain is increasingly moving away from the possibility of a peaceful breeze.
Boris Johnson, a British politician, is likely to succeed in the succession of the failed British Prime Minister, Theresa May. During the mini-campaign of “persuasion”, the politician is now openly threatening to withhold a $ 50 billion British final bill.

Johnson argues that he would hold back the large amount of money spent for years, because while the money is in his pocket, he can fight for better conditions for London against the EU.

The former Foreign Minister told The Sunday Times that he thinks brexit is mainly about money and that a good negotiation of money can always get stuck. Johnson, one of the great advocates of the hard brexit, also made it clear that he wanted to kick off the consensus he had reached so far.

As the Reuters article highlights, Johnson’s sharp statements criticizing the Brexit Agreement are popular, the British have also demonstrated in the EP election that despite the expected serious economic consequences, support for exit is strong and in the process today all the EU has A meaningful compromise is a sign of weakness.

Johnson also claimed during the campaign period that he would like to see tax cuts. The situation is practically the usual, in the domestic political battle, the candidate tries to get the support that can help them to the power, but fits into a negotiating position that will further worsen Britain’s position.

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