Boy George is making a film about life in Hollywood

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Movie is made of Boy George’s life in MGM film studio, written by Sacha Gervasi and directed by The Hollywood Reporter.

In Hollywood, the story of world stars is being processed one after the other: most recently, the Rocketman of Elton John introduced in Cannes, before Bohem Rape, the frontman of the band’s band, Freddie Mercury, with success with Rami Malek’s Oscar-winning game worldwide.
Gervasi recorded a film about Hitchcock, filmed in 2012 by Alfred Hitchcock.
The film is being prepared from the start of the career of Boy George, from the Irish Workers’ Family, with George Alan O’Dowd’s career as the culprit, to the peak of the Cultural Club’s international successes in the 1980s.
The production of Aretha Franklin, featuring Jennifer Hudson, will be produced at MGM Studio.

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