Brazil beat Perut 3-1 in the Copa finals, his best crying

Members of the Brazilian national team celebrates with the trophy after winning the Copa America after defeating Peru in the final match of the football tournament at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on July 7, 2019. (Photo by Carl DE SOUZA / AFP)

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Brazil beat Peru in the Copa América final from 3-1 to 70 in ten minutes. The Brazilians were able to win the South American tournament after 2007.

Copa América won the final with the host Brazilians without a goal, plus the great attack line (10 goals scored in the tournament) and the home court, the Maracana Stadium in Rio. Peru was defeated by defending the defending champion in 3-0 and Chile scored without a goal without a goal, although he got 5-0 from Brazil. It seemed less likely, but it couldn’t be described.

The Brazilians already pushed the Peruvians under pressure at the beginning of the match, and in the 15th minute they had been led after a defect. On the right, Gabriel Jesus made a few bells, and after an accurate shot, Everton left the gate out of five.

Then Brazil continued to lead, leading to more promising action on the left, but there was no exact end to the attack.

At the end of the half, Peru had an unexpected opportunity, and in the 41st minute, Thiago Silva decided to make Cueaa in Brazil’s 16th. The referee immediately blasted 11, Guerrero stood to kick, but the video referee suddenly signaled. Roberto Tobar went out, looked at the recordings, then showed 11 again. Guerrero didn’t make a mistake, fired calmly in the lower left corner.

Brazil was not at a disadvantage for a long time, even at half-time. Roberto Firmino scored a ball on the Peruvian side, then launched Arthur. He took him to the 16th, and then passed on to Gabriel Jesus, who pushed one of the two defenders on the ball, then busted 14 meters away.

In the second half of the year, I lost my mind, the game became disintegrating, the Brazilians hit the result, and Peru couldn’t build up the attack.

In the 70s, the mood became more pronounced when Gabriel Jesus was second-handed by the judge. The Brazilian player jumped up when he defeated a Peru. At first, the judgment seemed strict. Gabriel Jesus was eager to leave the field, and later he was crying for his red card.

The Peruvians could play for 20 minutes in human advantage, but they couldn’t really push the host, Flores had a big bomb, but it went to the gate, and they didn’t have a shot.

At the time of the match, Brazil also reached 11 when Zambrano hit Everton, who started off on a long ball. Tobar’s referee was determined, but he did the same as the first penalty, challenging to watch the video. The judge did not change his decision now, and Richarlison dropped the lower right corner, and Brazil won the Copa América final for 3-1.

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