Brexit – British Foreign Minister: Without Brexit there will be no conservative government, perhaps no party

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According to the British Foreign Minister, the conservative government, and perhaps even the party, could be destroyed if the United Kingdom is not able to leave the European Union.

Jeremy Hunt, who starts from the post of Conservative Party and Prime Minister Theresa May, who has left the government, announced in his speech on Monday that the leader of the tory who meets the decision to close the British EU (Brexit) three years ago will win. Conservative Party for the next parliamentary elections.
But there is no conservative prime minister who could win without Brexit, ”he added.
Hunt says that meeting the Brexit decision and winning the next election are not two different issues, but the same.
He stated that these two things could be done by someone who could reach an exit agreement that the London Parliament would adopt.
According to Jeremy Hunt, he is the candidate himself, considering that he has spent his entire life as a former entrepreneur and then a cabinet member.
The Foreign Minister gave a barely obscure warning to the addressees of those who had stated in their statements so far, winning the succession to the succession, would as a prime minister leave the United Kingdom from the EU at the current October 31, Brexit, or even accept the London Parliament In the past few months, you have rejected the exit agreement three times or not.
These candidates include Hunt’s predecessor, former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, frontman of the hard-line tory Brexit camp and former Minister of Labor of Esther McVey.
Jeremy Hunt recalled in his campaign launch Monday Monday that Parliament has already made it clear that it will not allow Brexit without the agreement. Thus, Hunt said that a prime minister who promised to leave the UK at any given time would have to produce elections if he wanted to change parliamentary power.
However, according to the British Foreign Minister, if these elections were held before the referendum on Brexit was made, the Conservative Party would be “destroyed”.
He referred to the May elections to the European Parliament, where the Conservative Party, with a very low vote rate of 9 percent, has been ranked fifth in the field of British parties.
Jeremy Hunt is the highest-ranking cabinet member who announced his departure for the post of prime minister.
The known field is currently 11 members, but it is officially announced on Monday night how many of them have met the start criteria and whether they have been nominated for leadership positions in the Conservative Party.
According to the Party’s Code of Conduct, each initiator must obtain support from eight other faction members to register as a candidate.
Betting Offices Boris Johnson is considered the most successful candidate.
Johnson has already started his campaign this weekend. In an interview with The Sunday Times, a conservative Sunday UK newspaper, he said: “If he becomes the prime minister, he will not pay the UK’s £ 39bn (over $ 14bn) worth of UK financial liabilities until it becomes clearer. what future relations with the EU will be agreed.
The European Commission has repeatedly indicated that it is not possible to renegotiate the agreement on the terms of Brexit.

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