Brexit – Opposite Opinions on Exit in the Offspring field

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Opposite opposing views were expressed on Tuesday’s campaign events about potential circumstances and dates of the British EU membership (Brexit) as candidates competing for the leadership position of the ruling Conservative Party.

There was an opinion that the current withdrawal deadline of October 31 is not feasible, while others believe that Brexit should not be postponed in any way beyond that date.
The opinion of the latter was voiced by one of the hardline Brexit party candidates, Andrea Leadsom, former head of the lower house, saying that the end date of October is “a hard-cut, red-cut deadline” to be kept “in all circumstances”.
Leadsom, a former senior member of the conservative party head of the Conservative Party, who has been in charge of the leadership of the Conservative Party, added that he had a detailed plan for “controlled Brexit” in the event of failure to adopt exit criteria.
According to the conservative politician, Parliament, most of which had previously made it clear in a number of votes, that it would not contribute to the unresolved Brexit – would not prevent the United Kingdom from leaving the European Union even without a convention.
Andrea Leadsom – who, a few weeks ago, said the head of the House of Commons for the Brexit strategy, which he considered to be lightweight – had previously stated several times that the British government should be ready to conclude further negotiations with the EU if it fails to reach a new agreement. union.
Leadsom is not alone with this opinion in the field of candidates competing for the leadership of the Conservative Party.
The most promised candidate, former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson – frontman of the hard-line tory Brexit camp – said the other day: if he becomes the new leader of the Conservative Party and thus the new Prime Minister, the UK will definitely quit Brexit on October 31 From the EU, we can even agree to the Brexit condition agreement in the British Parliament or not. Similar statements have been made in recent days by Dominic Raab, former Minister of Brexit Affairs and former Minister of Labor of Esther McVey.
However, Mark Harper, former Chief Whip of the Lower House Conservative Faction, said on Tuesday’s campaign launcher that “in the current circumstances, it is” not possible and not credible “to hold Brexit’s October 31 deadline, as Brexit has not been approved agreement and there is no time to negotiate a new convention.
Harper – barely covertly warning his competitors that he would have to leave the EU even on 31 October – without saying that the statements that the Parliament cannot prevent disorderly Brexit are not credible.
Prime Minister Theresa May left the Conservative Party last Friday after the House of Commons rejected the agreement reached with the EU three times in November, setting out the terms of Brexit.
His departure from the party also ends with the termination of the post of prime minister, but his successor until the end of July is expected to serve as a managing director and party leader.
For the Conservative Party’s leadership, they were competing for ten.
In the first phase of the election process, the faction reduces the number of candidates to two by a series of votes.
The first round of voting will be held on Thursday, and the next round will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Out of the last two candidates remaining in the competition – if none of them return to the other – 160,000 registered members of the Conservative Party can elect Theresa May’s successor, who will be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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